Laying The Beef To Rest

As discussed on the latest El Food Brothers Podcast, catch up here if you haven’t had the aural enjoyment yet, this month is ‘Laying the Beef To Rest’ month.

The burger has literally been ‘done to death’ so the El Food Brothers are having a final send off for the humble, hand held treat. Its time to sort the patty from the bun, and crown the best burger in Manchester. Then the burgers can finally rest in grease, and we can all move on to the next big thing (butter milk chicken anyone?)

The Rules

  1. Try as many different burgers as we can in one month, in Manchester
  2. We must order the plain cheeseburger at each establishment.
  3. An egg can be ordered, if offered as an additional item on the menu
  4. Burgers are scored by both El Food Brothers separately, on our patented 7th Heaven burger scoring system.

The 7th Heaven Scoring System

7th Heaven Scoring system marks the following areas out of 5. With both El Foods scores, this gives a total score out of 70.

  1. Bun – the bready bit surrounding the patty
  2. Patty – the meaty bit surrounded by the bready bit
  3. Cheese – the (hopefully) melted dairy product sitting atop the burger
  4. Sauce – some type of ‘burger sauce’ (don’t tell anyone, but its usually just mustard and ketchup) is expected to be on the burger, or spread upon the buns
  5. Garnish – anything on the burger that isn’t the other things. Expected elements are lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles.
  6. Usability – how easy the burger is to eat. We don’t expect to have to use a knife and fork to eat our burgers. And we don’t want no floppy buns in our hands
  7. Value – A judgment call of the price vs the quality of the burger. £10 for a burger with no fries? It better be a bloody good burger.

Laying The Beef To Rest begins with our visit to Solita