Super Feature Preview

Following on from the success of the El Food Brothers Food Reviews, we are itching to put some features together. So heres what we came up with of the top of our heads.

Beating Ronald McDonald At His Own Game

We all love a good McMuffin. Double Sausage Egg, it can’t be beat. Or so we thought, until we created the ultimate breakfast muffin.

Sausage Egg Muffin
Spoiler alert, theres a square sausage in there

March Mystery Mash Madness

Cooking all the mash, eating all the mash. Where’s the mystery? Wouldn’t you like to know. Where’s the madness? It just sounded good.

Mash + Madness
Mash + Madness

Death Row Eats

We saw this awesome list of Last Meal requests from Death row. We are going to eat them all and provide the ultimate guide for your last meal.

Single Olive
Yes, even this one

Watch. This. Space