So, Whats The Beef?

This review is part of the El Food Brothers ‘Laying The Beef To Rest’ feature. Make sure you read that first for an explanation of the scoring system.

Situated at the heart of the Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and at least partially responsible for the areas burger obbession. Solita have 13 burger options, including their playful take on a rival burger joints signature burger, ‘The Big Manc’. However its the ‘Solita Burger’ that meets our criteria, so the review is purely based on this.

They Say

Classic burger cheese, curly lettuce, tomato, house sauce.


£8.80 and it comes with fries

The Burger Break Down

First Impressions


Off to a good start. A meaty burger clearly on display over the side of the bun. Meat to bread ratio looks about right. Theres clearly a bit of fresh looking tomato and lettuce. And theres some gooey cheese seeping out. The stick does potentially mean usability will take a hit though.

Tops Off


Sauce spread on bun and cheese. Not entirely clear how much is cheese and how much is sauce. Looks like it will keep things suitably moist though, but not overpower the meaty flavours.



What have we got here then. Well nothing new revealed by the dissection. But lets go top to bottom. Sesame seeded bun. Fatter on top. Sauce, cheese, patty, tomato and lettuce to finish. Bottom bun thinner, may cause issues for usability.


The El Food brothers throughly enjoyed the Solita burger. Its a decent size, the patty has a notable taste, rather than just been something to chew on.

The sauce is decent, but forgettable. The cheese is perfectly acceptable, but mostly just sits in the background against the sauce. Garnish is fresh, but missing onions, which both El Foods believe should be a staple of burger garnish.

The bun is soft, but slightly toasted to keep everything together. You can easily eat this with your hands, although juice from the burger and possibly the lettuce sitting on the bottom, mean the lower bun does start to give way towards the end.

The Scores

El Food One El Food Two
Bun 4 4
Patty 5 4
Garnish 3 3
Cheese 3 2
Usability 4 3
Sauce 3 2
Value 4 4
Totals 26 22

El Food 7th Heaven Burger Score


Keep your eyes out for the next featured burger, and see how it stands against the Solita Burger. We have gone for a polar opposite in terms of establishment, but the results may surprise you.