Flame! I Want To Live Forever

The El Food Brothers have hit up some big names for Laying The Beef To Rest. Solita, McDonalds and Burger King, Byron. But only one claims to be ‘Almost Famous

A better description may be ‘Quite Infamous’. Everyone has heard of this place. Those who have been claim ‘its the best burgers you’ll ever have’,  ‘it’ll knock your socks off’ and other such hyperbole. Those who haven’t been either long to go, or dismiss the place as over hyped.

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There must be some confusion, said the Joker to the King

Laying The Beef To Rest continues with a visit to 2 well know burger franchises. If you haven’t guessed it yet, its the Joker (McDonalds) vs The King (Burger King) in a battle of the cheeseburgers.

We managed to do both of these on the same day, so both were judged mere minutes of each other, as they are now handily situated across from each other in Piccadilly Gardens.

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So, Whats The Beef?

This review is part of the El Food Brothers ‘Laying The Beef To Rest’ feature. Make sure you read that first for an explanation of the scoring system.

Situated at the heart of the Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and at least partially responsible for the areas burger obbession. Solita have 13 burger options, including their playful take on a rival burger joints signature burger, ‘The Big Manc’. However its the ‘Solita Burger’ that meets our criteria, so the review is purely based on this.

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