El Fit Brothers VS El Fat Brothers

As you know, we like our food, and we we’ve been to some of the best places in the Northern Quarter to find it. But eating all the pies, burgers, full english‘s and pizza that we do, has taken its toll. Even venturing into the world of Vegan food has not helped.

EL Food Brothers El Food One Vs El Food Two One Month Only ElFatBrothers VS ElFoodBrothers

If it wasn’t clear from the jazzy poster, the El Food Brothers are doing a food fight, with a twist.

The Goal

Be. Less. Fat

The How

A challenge. Who can lose the most weight in a month.

In the left corner, weighing in at ‘a stone more since starting the El Food Brothers’ we have El Food Two ‘The Business Man’


In the right weighing in at ‘over a stone more since the last time I was on Wii Fit’  we have El Food One ‘The Creative’

We have one month to lose as much weight as we choose. Losely following the 5:2 diet.

See feats of starvation

Can a man survive on less than 600 calories a day?

Who will crack first and order a massive pizza? (Probably El Food One)

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