It all starts at Terrace


Day one of the El Food Brothers quest begins at Terrace (@nqterrace)

The atmosphere of Terrace I would describe as dark or possibly dank. feeling slightly worse for wear on Monday, this suited me fine.

This also meant the only option for lunch had to be the Full English at £7.50.

Both of us opt for the Full English, I ditch the beans because they are bullshit, and pair it with a pint of coke to avoid any potential unpleasantness. Total cost, £10.50, I wish I’d just paid for a proper pint.

full english
Full english minus the beans

First thing we notice, no black pudding, this is bullshit.

Check menu, apparently we needed to upgrade to the £9.50 breakfast to get that super food included.

Putting the lack of black pudding aside, you’ve got a meaty sausage, some nicely done bacon, a decent run to the poached egg, a hefty hash brown, and some healthy shit thrown in there as well. Its a strong 7/10. Could have pushed to 2 slices of toast, giving the option of converting to a sandwich.

It brings me out of my hangover slump and ready to coast through the afternoon, the sugar of the Coke was probably a good choice.

Overall rating: 8 of 13 bastards.

On the way out the back we spot Yard and Coop (home of the Giant Cock burger) have a lunch deal for £5. Could well be a couple of cocks for day two.