Theres a Pig on the Ceiling

“Shall we do Tusk, or is it Walrus, are they the same thing? They must be the same thing”

“Whats the place over there with the Pig?”

And so we find our selves in The Blue Pig, offering 50% off selected meals, which on closer inspection, all come from the same magical animal that is the pig.

The Blue Pig at night, which I’m reliably informed puts on some hiphop, funk and soul for the evening crowds

We enter ‘the Pig’ and head straight to the bar, only because we can’t really tell where is a good place to sit. We wait a few minutes, the guy behind the bar is making some complicated looking coffees. Coffees in pubs are bullshit, if you want a coffee, go to Starbucks or one of the hipster coffee places, it takes up valuable pint pulling time.

Its a long wait, but we have already got our minds set on chowing down on our chosen bits of pig so wait it out.

Its a Messy Mexican for me, and a bacon chop with egg for El Food two. It comes with a pineapple, which we both agree is bullshit, but easily removed.

The food takes a while, but at least we have a couple of halves of some guest ales to enjoy, at around £1.75 for a half, its better than some of the places charging £5-6 a pint. We pass the time noting the hipster light bulbs and eventually spot the titular blue pig on the ceiling.

messy meixican
The Messy Mexican, pork burger with jalapeño slaw

When the food does arrive though, its all good, it looks nice without being too overly hipster-ised. Its approaching a bucket of chips, but at least its a plate (albeit not a round plate). The burger is chunky, but actually could have been a bit more Mexican for my tastes. The bacon chop and egg look good, and the pineapple is swiftly ditched in the chip pot.

At £6.60 all in for the burger and half a pint, its a decent lunch. The chop was even cheaper. Its usually around £10 for main on the normal menu, which still isn’t too bad.

Overall: 8 bacon chops out of 10 blue pigs