Return of the Dive


“Is it too early to go back to Dive?”

The answer was no. Its pissing it down in Manchester, and at least we know the way to there. We agree to meet at the back, but neither of us can agree where that is. We eventually meet at the same entrance as yesterday, and nearly drown in a puddle covered by a wooden board.

This is where the front (I think) of Dive is. Again, Google are behind the times, but you’ll still wouldn’t notice it

Its eerily similar to yesterday, but we are met by a different waitress this time, no bandana, its lost points already. Maybe she’s a stunt double.

We order 6 lots of sliders, its cheaper to do this than order 2 lots of 3, there is no reason for this, 2 lots of fries and a couple of ‘Wells to wash it down.

Our bandana-less waitress returns to tell us they are ‘shit out of sliders’. There is a £12 burger though, but this does not gain the 55% discount, this is bullshit.

We order 6 lots of the chilli beef tacos instead, again these are cheaper than the 2 lots of 3, and again we do not ask what the chilli beef is made out of.

tacos and fries
Half of six chilli beef tacos and fries

Compared to the soft tacos of yesterday, today we have hard shell tacos. These are bullshit, they break into an infinite number of pieces after one bite, and you have eat with your face an inch from the plate. The fries are as fry-y as yesterday. At £15 in total for the tacos, and £3.50 a piece for the fries, its again not a cheap eat, but the 55% sweetens the deal.

We do notice one other table of dinners today, so maybe things are hotting up for Dive.

Overall: 2 lots of 3 sliders out of 12 tacos