Not Yard and Coop


With the promise of a Giant Cock burger, the plan is set for a visit to Yard and Coop (aka Chicken Corner)

We head down for 12:30, and watch as a large group of oddly young looking people enter ahead of us. We note this isn’t looking good, but we have cock on the mind, so head on in.

Chicken Corner

Greeted by “Are you here for the student event?” things are looking worse,  we laugh it off and ask if we are going to get done in a hour, this is met with more laughing.

Seated on a cheap plastic bench with barely enough room to breathe, never mind eat a massive cock, we await our drinks order being taken.

What, as best guess, was an eternity passes and no sign of an order being taken. We decide this is bullshit and make a swift exit, no one notices.

Our saviour is in the form of new kid on the block Dive, its doing 55% off I’d heard, can’t be bad.

Now Dive is odd before you’ve even entered, its almost like they don’t want you to know its there, which may well be the point. We head in the back, or maybe the front, we still aren’t sure.

This is where the back, or maybe the front of Dive is, although Google maps have not yet caught up

First impressions, is this place open, its immaculately clean, and there is nobody at all there, its almost like a set from a film, which I think is actually where they have got the ‘American’ theme from.

Fairs fair though, we do spot a bar man who asks us if we are eating, and we are given a pick of any seat by our bandana wearing waitress. We immediately order 2 ‘Franciscan Well’ beer’s on her recommendation, which we need after the Yard and Coop incident.

Off to a good start, but then a down turn as we are told there are no sliders on, or chilli beef tacos. They must have had a shortage of cows.

I go for the Nachos (large) and chicken tacos, El Food two picks the Philly Steak sub and fries, we don’t ask what the steak is made out of.

At £8 for the tacos, and £7 for the Nachos, and £9 for the sub, with £3.50 for fries, its not a cheap lunch without the discount. Although they do have lunch deals starting at £8.50

tacos and nachos
Dips centre stage, flanked by tacos and nachos

The food arrives promptly, which when you are the only ones in there, isn’t a great feat. The nachos are cheese heavy, and come with a generous amount of dips, but not much else. By the end I leave a lot of dry, chees-less, joy-less nacho chips whilst I finish up the quite spicy chicken tacos, there are bit lettuce heavy though. 6/10

From El Food twos side, the sub seems pretty decent sized, and the fries are nice looking skin on deals. Nothing spectacular though.

We leave fairly satisfied, but I think this helped by actually being served, and the hefty discount. Dive need to do more to stand out, as we leave we only spot one other table of dinners, open till 5am on the weekends, it might be a good place to get a quiet nights sleep.

5 out of 10 bandanas