Yelp! I Need Somebody

Do you know what Yelp is? Neither did I until very recently. Yelp feels like some sort of secret society that no one talks about. With people being given the title of Yelp Elites, and Secret Elite events, it doesn’t help shift the ‘No Homers’ club vibe.

If you can’t beat then, join them. Its with that thought that I end up applying for a place at the ‘The Pizza Off’. Described as a pizza judging event, I’m initially picturing some sort of Homer Simpson at the Chilli Off vibe and dreams of a judges hat with a giant pizza on it fill my head.

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All Aboard the Gravy Train

If you’ve seen the El Food Brothers Twitter recently, you’ll have seen that Mash Madness has taken its hold of us.

The quest was set, lets find the best mash in the Northern Quarter. Our first hit of mash is being provided by Pieminister, for two reasons, first, we love a good pun, and secondly, it says ‘Pie & Mash’ in the window.

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